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About Our Company

Boat Cleaning, Brought to You

Your boat is your baby, it is your vessel of summer fun! We’re lake people, we get it! But let’s be honest, that spring shine doesn’t last long. We take great pride in keeping your boat crisp and clean while eliminating the hassle. 


Our Services

How it Works

We treat every boat as if it were our own! Whether it’s the first detail in the spring or the last shine before heading back to storage or anything in between. We offer (3) packages of professional-grade dockside service using top notch products throughout the entire boating season. Our summers are short, let us take care of your boat(s)! 

The process is simple! 

1. Contact to schedule wash

Call or fill out the form below

2. We come to you!

A DWC crew will come out on an arranged date & time. You are not required to be present

3. Enjoy!

Have fun on your fresh, clean boat!

Packaged Wash Options

You Pick

Maintenance Wash*

ºHand wash and dry exterior of boat from water line to top of boat using soap with curing wax

ºWipe down interior trim (fiberglass, dash, controls)

ºClean top surfaces of vinyl seats

ºVacuum carpet

ºClean exterior and interior windows

Standard Wash

ºHand wash and dry exterior of boat from water line to top of boat, removing hard water spots and applying curing wax

ºWipe down interior trim (fiberglass, dash, controls)

ºClean and condition top and side surfaces of seats

ºRemove (if applicable) & vacuum carpet and wipe down base floor

ºClean exterior and interior windows

Detail & Wax

ºHand wash and dry exterior of boat from water line to top of boat, removing hard water spots

ºApply ceramic coating to exterior of boat from waterline to top of boat using high quality marine ceramic 

ºWipe down interior trim (fiberglass, dash, controls)

ºClean & condition top and side surfaces of seats

ºLift or remove seats to clean compartments below

ºRemove (if applicable) & vacuum carpet with spot treatment

ºClean exterior and interior windows

*Maintenance wash ONLY offered to existing customers who have had a Standard or Detail & Wax wash within the last (30) days

Additional Services Offered:

  • Power-washing of dock, dock furniture, decks, boat lift and canopy
  • Full interior carpet power wash with steam treatment
  • Teak refinishing
  • Fiberglass color restoration
  • Boat cover, bimini top and boat lift canopy cleaning
  • Acid washing- available only to boats that are off the water
  • Cabin or below deck cleaning
  • Boat transport to/from storage of your choosing

Select boat type/size


$9 per ft

Detail & Wax

$11 per ft

**$15.00 Service Call Fee applies to all washes**

**Maintenance wash pricing is dependent upon several variables and is quoted on an individual basis**

Referral Program: 

Pass along the good word! If it turns into business for us, you receive 10% off your next wash! When we win, you win too! No limitations


Fill out form below and we will be in touch!

Commonly Asked Questions

Let us clarify

  • Do I need to be home while the work is being done? Nope! Our goal is to minimize disruption. We just need access to the boat(s)
  • I trailer my boat, can I still get it washed? Yes! We will come to you, wherever the boat is kept
  • Does my boat need to be off the lift? No, we can get to everything we need as it sits on the lift. We may lower the boat a bit but, upon completion, it will be returned to its original position
  • My boat stays in the water, is that okay? Not a problem! We use a small kayak to get around to all areas of the exterior to provide close care to all parts of the boat
  • Do I need water and electrical hookups? Though it is best to use a supplied water source for cleaning, it is not mandatory. We have  pumps that allow us to connect our power-washer to the lake water. Electrical hookups are preferable but not necessary as we have generators to power our equipment
  • What are your available payment methods? Credit card over the phone. Card must be on file a minimum of (12) hours prior to our arrival. Please note, your card will not be charged until AFTER the work is completed
  • Do you carry insurance? Absolutely! We are fully insured and safety is our top priority
  • How do I know when your work is completed? After every wash, a carbon copy work summary is left behind on the drivers seat of the boat specifying the work completed. In addition, a receipt will be emailed to the address on file.
  • I have to cancel last minute, what is the policy? The earlier we know, the better! A refund may be issued or  a credit applied to a future booking
Still unsure? Please do not hesitate to reach out! We want to make sure you are fully informed so we can meet (or exceed!) your expectations 
Meet the Owners

Boats are in our DNA

DWC was started out of a deep passion for boats ((and the lake)). Colin’s love for the water began at a young age where he water skied at a national level. After the purchase of his first ski boat soon after college, Colin immersed himself in learning about boat maintenance and detailing. Alexi too, grew up with a lust for the lake with summers spent on her Uncle’s boat in Harbor Springs, Michigan where she was able to learn how to take immaculate care of a boat. Together, they are excited to share in their passion for detail and their enthusiasm for the lake.